Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day 4: Bright sky, birds and hangover.

Today started with the hangover of the decade. Toilet was my best friend, I'll never forget you. After the brunch (apple juice) we said goodbye to our friends and agreed to do this again sometime. The sun was shining from the clear sky and there was snow on the ground. What a beautiful day to be wasted... They say that hangover is the most creative state and I have to agree to that. My best ideas have their roots in hangovers, since then you can think more clearly than the night before but you still have some alcohol in your blood to release the barriers and blocks of the mind. So my bright idea was to sit at our backyard, in the snow, with nothing else on except my boxer shorts. Rich people are weird.

Later in the evening I decided to punish myself. I took my ice hockey gear and went to practise with my friend's team. Kids, do not try this at home. Exercise and hangover don't go together, you just cause yourself a heart attack. Anyways, I noticed that my equipment needed some update desperately, so tomorrow one sport shop will get a buying customer.

Quote: Today my son was trying to fly in the living room. He swung his arms so heavily, that I had to say to him that humans aren't capable to fly. “No, my other wing is just broken” he replied.

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