Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 6: Wunderbaum Monkey Pays Big Debt

Today is managed to continue my beloved hobby - weight lifting. I went to the gym in the morning and put my new shiny Nike shoes on. I was also wearing my "Ugly Monkey" T-shirt that I purchased a while ago. After the training I felt like a fresh caveman, who is desperately seeking for a Wunderbaum to cover the smell of sweat. I've started this TO-BUY list recently, so I added "new training gear that breaths" there. Maybe next time I wouldn't smell this bad. I also added "get a membership to gym with sauna". Money talks and BS walks.

Lunch was a disaster, I ate pizza again.

In the afternoon I had a fantastic reason for a big smile. I called the bank and asked them that what is the procedure if I want to pay my housing loan now. After a pleasant conversation with a pleasent voice, I transferred a six figure sum from my account. That was it. I was sitting in front of the PC. I had a quiet moment of 2 seconds. I realised that I was free again!!! I screamed "FREEDOM" as loud as I could and went to have a beer.

Take a look at the snow today.

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