Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 3: “... and then press Enter.”

For starters, a little bit of “cultural exchange” to all my wonderful&beautiful readers. In northern Europe you have two sets of tires for your car. One for summer time and the second for winter. Because there's snow and ice on the road during the winter, we have to have specially designed tires in order to avoid slipping and sliding. So, the tires are usually changed just before the first snow and of course, first snow came today. Well, it didn't seem such a trouble for lucky millionaire to get the tires changed by someone else. But I wasn't that eager to start searching some repair shop that would do the thing, because I would also have to drive there with my summer tires. Since the changing usually takes max. 1 hour, I decided to do it by myself. So I was out there in the cold, spending that 1 hour on my knees.

After the change I was happy, I had just saved 20 euros :) I had read from somewhere, that James Hetfield of Metallica still changed the oils to his car by himself, so maybe I can continue to change the tires.

For a millionaire, everyday is a new chance to make some good investments. Today I decided to invest in clothes and McDonald's. Once again we packed our family to the comfortable station wagon and drove to the mall on our recently changed winter tires. My wife went to the supermarket with the kids while I went to look for the clothes I desperately needed.

OK, first stop. Bought 5 pair of jeans with 5 different belts. Then 10 T-shirts and 5 sweaters for the cold, cold winter conditions. Couple of cool new jackets and caps. Ten pairs of boxers. My shoe collection now shines with 20(!) new pairs! Oh man! What next??? Better to take a breath and continue some other day... I went to pick up my family, but they were stuck in very long register line. Hmmm... let's share the fun. I bought 20 lottery tickets from the kiosk and went to the line my family was in. I took a deep breath and talked to the gentleman in front of us:

-Sorry, sir. My kids are already tired and we would like to get home as soon as possible. Would it be possible to change places in the line? I can give you 2 lottery tickets as gift for your kind gesture.

Well, the gentleman was ready to change the places even without the tickets, but we insisted that he would take them. I repeated the same procedure and eventually we found ourselves at the register. Hope that some of those tickets will win – BIG TIME!

We continued to McDonald's, we ate well and finally we were back at home. I took a beer and started to prepare some late night snack for our friends that were coming. My mother took the kids for the evening, so we could celebrate as long as we wanted. The evening was just perfect. Once our friends were at our place, I told them the good news. I was pleased to say that the drinks were on me, for the first time in my life. And it felt sooooo good. We ate and drank, took a taxi to the city, partied to the morning and then we checked in to the hotel. Suites for everybody, of course... What a lifestyle.

The best for the last. My older son is about 3,5 years now and he is already familiar with computers. He has been playing some games and typed letters with Word. Today he had build a gun from Legos. My wife was a bit surprised, because this was the first time my son even mentioned the word 'gun'. So, to check what our son knew about guns, my wife asked that how the gun works. And the boy explained:

-First you have to pull from this switch. Then you put two balls in here. After that you aim to the target and then press Enter.

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