Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 5: Wayne Groteski

Papa gotta brand new pack of toys! I was just like a kid in the candy store. Finally I could buy the ice hockey gear I've always wanted. New knee/shoulder/elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. I also bought five composite sticks and teeth protection. Watch out Hanson brothers, Wayne Groteski cross-checking the ice! I left the store smiling and if possible, my grin was even broader when I realised that the new Audi would be taking me to ice hockey practise and games in just a few weeks.

I went home, undressed and tried the new equipment on. I definetely looked like an idiot with the partial gear and underwear. But what made me a total moran were those “are you talking to me?” lines in front of the mirror. Bad-ass forward from hell! At least in front of the mirror. Whatever gives you the kicks...

I'm starting to get worried about my diet, but I've given myself the permit to eat trash for a while (I'm rich now, hooray!). When things get rolling, I'll get back to my healthy eating habits again. I was really starving, so I needed something and fast. Again I decided to have a pizza. One phone call and 20 minutes later I went to get the pizzas while my family was waiting in the car. I had ordered pizzas for me and my wife, since our oldest son always eats one tiny slice from our pizzas. So I went back to the car and my son noticed the two pizza boxes. He commented:

- This is my pizza. Daddy, you can eat one slice from mommy's pizza.
- Son, these are for mommy and daddy, but you can have a slice from them both.
- No. Mommy, you have to eat a slice from daddy's pizza, since I'm going to eat your pizza.

Big words, huge attitude. Fantastic future.

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