Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 12: Jester, at your service!

When you are working for someone else and your motivation (= need for money) is close to zero, you lose the will to work. Due to this, I dedicated this work day for practical jokes. I took a big bag of potatoes to the office and had my fun in the garage. I put a potato into each car's exhaust pipe and left a friendly note (“Thanks a**hole for parking like that) under the wiper.

During the lunch hour I visited every empty booth and messed everything! I turned the chairs upside down and hid the phones. Papers and magazines got switched between different booths. I used every open computer to print a document (“Hi, where is this printer? Call me.”) 200 times. I also send many meeting invitations through Outlook and reserved all the meeting rooms. And of course I ordered coffee and cake to every meeting from our cafeteria.

In the afternoon I called to annoying people and yelled “hello? hello? is there anybody there?” with an accent. They went nuts after the fifth time! After three o'clock I felt it was time for this Homer Simpson to leave the party. So this working day was fun, but what the heck I'm going to do tomorrow? Get myself fired???

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