Thursday, October 26, 2006

Day 1: First "investment"

I couldn't sleep well. Three hours of sleep and I was up again at 5:30 AM. My wife and kids were still asleep, so I just went to lie on the couch.

After the kids woke up, I made breakfast and started up our PC. I opened my bank's web page and went to wake up my wife.

-... I know you are very tired and you would want to get some more sleep, but I have something to show. Something that I have talked a lot lately. Could you come with me?

Still feeling a bit sleepy my wife got up and I seated her in front of the PC.

-Now check this out...

I login to my bank account and made some stupid drumming sounds... and vĂ³ila! There was the 1,000 052 euros showing on the screen. Pause of 1 second. Then screaming and then some more screaming together. I hugged my wife and we jumped together across the living room. Our kids were feeling something between fun and fear. Of course due to their young age (3 years and 9 months) they couldn't understand what were raving about, but I tried to explain it to the older one as clear as I could:

-Daddy doesn't go to work anymore.

Maybe he understood or not, but he continued to eat his breakfast and asked if he could watch the cartoons at the same time. Things calmed down a little bit, but we were still trembling...

Thursday morning in autumn. It's dark and the temperature is about 8 C. What a happy day! I kissed my wife and kids, and went to work. I was 1,5 hours late, but it was not bothering me at all. First thing to do was to write a resignation letter. Boy, has it ever felt so good to get your ass kicked out of a company. Due to the law I still would have to work for 1 month, but for starters I took 5 days vacation and went home 1,5 hours earlier as usual.

Back home I noticed I was hungry, since I hadn't eat anything. I packed my family to our station wagon and we went shopping. I left my wife and the boys to the supermarket and then I headed to the nearest kebab restaurant. This time I didn't even thought what I could order, I just ordered two of my favorite portions and a beer. I enjoyd myself and left with full stomach. Ok, now it was time to make my first move. I went to the biggest car seller I could find and ordered a new Audi with all the goods. The price was around 55 000 euros, but this time I gave myself the permission to spend the money without a second thought! Still 4 weeks for delivery, but I would manage that time with my old reliable station wagon.

So, I went to pick up my family and we loaded their shoppings to the back of the car. Clothes, shoes, toys, CDs, books, DVDs, whatever the western individual needs to survive. 750 euros well spend.

The evening was a hassle with all the new things we had bought. I managed to order contract papers from one fund, so that I could invest my earnings. This evening I fell asleep within a second.

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